If a User is no longer working for your establishment, then immediately delete them from the User list. This will prevent unauthorized access to the program.

Creating Logins and Passwords

If you have more than one user and want each user to log in differently or have different rights, then you need to create login and passwords for each person who uses CostGuard.  You can do this through the User Rights and Security Area of the Program.  Only Users with System Setup and Security Rights can create Users and change passwords.

For information on how to create rights, click here.

    1.       Click Configuration, click User and Security Configuration.

    2.       To add a New User, click the  button.  Use your cursor to move to the User ID field and type in a unique ID for this person.

Each User must have a unique login ID.  This is what they will enter when they start CostGuard.

3.       If you are on a network, move to that field and type in the Network User ID. 

This is for reference only, and isnít needed even if you do have a network.  If you do not have a network, you can leave this blank.  For more information on installing to a network, click here.

4.       Move the cursor to User Name.  Now, you can type in the Userís full name.

5.       Make sure you highlight the Userís Row and move your cursor to the bottom of the screen, and click the  button.  The following popup will appear.  You need to move the cursor to the right side of the screen and double click the applicable Group(s) for this User.

CostGuard uses Groups to assign rights and access to certain parts of the program.  By assigning employees to Groups, you can control what type of information is accessible.  For more information on creating Groups, click here.

6.       If you assign the User to the wrong Group, move to the left side of the screen and highlight the Group.  Click the  to delete it.

When you are finished, click Close.  You will return to the first screen.

7.       Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen and click the  button.  You will see the Password popup.  Type the password in both fields.  Make sure you type in the same characters each time.  Click OK.  You must create a password for every user. 

If you do not type in the same password, an error message will appear.  Click OK to clear and try again.  When the password is right, you will return to the main User Menu.  You can use this method to change passwords for employees.

8.       To delete a User, highlight their name and click the  button.  A confirmation popup will appear.  Click Yes to delete, and no to cancel.

If you accidentally delete a User, you will have to recreate them.

9.       If you need to change a Userís Name, such as their last name, double click their name or highlight it and press the F2 key.  You can then change the name.  When finished, click the  to save the new name.

Use this feature when a User changes their personal name, for example, in case of marriage.  Do not use this feature as a replacement for deleting a User, as the password and login ID is still the same.

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