Vendor Transport and Sysco

Vendor Transport and Sysco

The key with Sysco is to use their option #2 for all interfacing with CostGuard.

Here’s a sample of the order guide produced by using Sysco Option #2. This is the layout that will work when importing an order guide.

Sysco Layout

From within eSysco, click on Sysco Market Express


Choose Order Guide:


Click Export and choose Option 2:


Please forward this information to your Sysco rep for assistance if there are further issues.

Using VendorTransport to Import Your Order Guide:

1. Use your Sysco system and export the file from Sysco using option #2,
2. Click on VendorTransport from Inventory Manager.
3. Choose the Text/CSV tab.
4. Select the file you saved from SYSCO
5. And for the import format click eSysco (not Sysco)

esysco import

For USF, the CostGuard options are named in a way that makes it clear which option to use.

Still having trouble?

If it’s still not clear how to import/export these files with Sysco and USF, please send your supplier rep the examples we’ve provided along with this kind of instruction:

We are using CostGuard as our food costing software, and need to interface with [USF/Sysco]. I have attached a sample order guide export that CostGuard supports. I have also attached a sample order from CostGuard in the format that you provided to CostGuard. For each of these, please let me know exactly how to
1. Export the order guide in this format
2. Import the order in this format