Update History v3.X

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Version 3.X

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V3 update history

Version 3.X Update History

Here is the list of updates made to V3, starting with the newest updates. Click here to start links to just the updates (rather than updates and fixes) in the list.

Version June 18, 2012

- Recipe: trap invalid conversion amounts with 2 decimals (e.g., 3.5.5)
- Inventory: trap “Table946326300″ error when sub-selecting vendors in certain reports
- System: changed sizing for setting screens which were being cut off for some display settings
- Reindex: check for sequencing errors in item/category file (V3.0.0.12)
- Activation: new activation that supports CG-Cloud

Version May 16, 2012
- System: first appearance of CG-Cloud
- Recipe and Inventory Managers: fixed error code 5006 when items are checked after filtering the managers
- Inventory: in counts, printed count sheet now sorts by sub-location
- Sales: sub-selecting menus in Sales Mix report shows menu items correctly
- System: restored the calculator
- Reindex: removes repeating recipe units (V3.0.0.11)
- Reindex: removes self-linking recipes (V3.0.0.11)

Version March 7, 2012
- Recipe: edits to the recipe method is ‘auto refreshed’ before printing to changes appear on the printout
- Inventory: in counts, printed count sheet now sorts by sub-location
- System: fixed certain license file read errors
- System Activation/Unock: added CG-Cloud activation (V3.0.7.0)
- System Reindex: all files in target unit (folder) are erased before the restore (V3.0.6.0)
- System Reindex: defaults to last opened unit
- Recipe: edits to the recipe method is ‘auto refreshed’ before printing to changes appear on the printout
- Recipe: cut and paste in method supports text only; graphics must be inserted by file selection
- Recipe: fixed error on certain reports produced when reprinted without any change to report criteria
- System: updated reindex.exe (V3.0.0.10) to remove recipe/ingredient ‘orphan’ records from previous versions

Version February 6, 2012
- Recipe: edits to the recipe method is ‘auto refreshed’ before printing to changes appear on the printout
- Recipe: cut and paste in method supports text only; graphics must be inserted by file selection
- Recipe: fixed error on certain reports produced when reprinted without any change to report criteria
- System: updated reindex.exe (V3.0.0.10) to remove recipe/ingredient ‘orphan’ records from previous versions

Version December 28, 2011
- Sales: added Job Number tracking to Sales Mix; search by job number in Actual Usage report
- Recipe: new Recipe option to print PLU number on Recipe Pricing Report
- VendorTransport: fixed vendor grid problem on Ordering tab after adding new items
- System: converted to Advantage Local Server to V9.10.0.21
- System: fixed display problem after adding new items to Inventory and Recipe managers
- System: detection for problem with vendor/item sequencing; new reindex to fix problem
- System: updated reindex (V3.0.0.7) vendor grid reindex on Ordering tab

Version December 8, 2011
- Recipe: added column sorting to Recipe manager; added addition columns to Recipe manager
- Inventory: added column sorting to Inventory manager; added addition columns to Inventory manager
- Inventory: builds are now affecting the Actual Inventory Usage calculation
- Inventory: in Receipts the tab cursor movement lands on the day field instead of the month field
- Inventory (all transactions): added transaction logging logic for Advantage client/server users
- Inventory: in Counts, added logic to optionally restore a count that had not been completely saved
- Inventory: fix problem with single quote character (‘) in sub-location field
- Inventory and Recipe: fixed problem of wrong item name appearing on the banner row of Inventory and Recipe managers
- Accounting Interface: dollar sign ($) removed from QuickBooks IIF export
- Sales: enabled adding Manual Sales with the Recipe module ownership
- Sales: added Focus POS filter

- Recipe: graphics (which are internally saved as a .bmp) are automatically resized if the .bmp is greater than 3 megabytes. This eliminates slowness in certain recipe actions caused by bloated graphics size
- Recipe: enable deletion of ingredient line items from right hand panel of Recipe Manager; this allows deleting of an accidental circular reference in a recipe
- Recipe: added PLU number entry on Main tab of recipe edit
- Reports (all modules): fixed error when sub-select is chosen but no items are selected
- VendorTransport: added Sysco Market to interface selection list
VendorTransport: change to GFS Canada order guide import
- System (reindex): added ‘orphan’ record detection and deletion; eliminates occasional phantom ‘used’ references when adding a new vendor code; intermittent problem only only for converted V2 users
- System: auto-emails (from Activation and Help screens) are now generated outside of Outlook (MAPI) so bounces are eliminated. There is an option to change the port number if that’s required
- System: access violation messages in Menu, Bibliography, Notepand, and when exiting the Activation program have been fixed

- Skins: you can now select a color combination that makes CostGuard easier on the eye. New Configuration option allows selection
- Accounting interface: added MYOB (Managing Your Own Business)
- Nutrition: auto-update to USDA database #23 (500+ new items; no deletions)
- POS Interface: added SoftTouch POS
- POS Interface: added StarFleet POS
- POS Interface: added Aldelo Modifiers
- CG-XL: fixed problem with blank first line of spreadsheet

Version 3.2
- Inventory and Sales Reports: added PDF report previewer to all reports; appears as option on last report screen; option is remembered
- Inventory: requisitions now printing properly in usage reports and screen prints
- Inventory: sorted requisitions export properly to the Shopping Cart
- Inventory: expanded name field in PO printing to eliminate truncating
- Recipe: ‘Select All’ button has been added to Recipe Import
- Recipe: new option for number of decimals to print for Yield price on Recipe Pricing Report
- Sales: trim leading and trailing spaces in alpha PLU’s when importing sales mix
- Vendor Transport: US Foodservice PO option now exports broken case quantity
- System wide: changed message for blank reports (i.e., no data to report)
- System wide: check for read/write access to all .ini files on startup
- Vendor Transport: added Shamrock Foodservice order guide import
- Vendor Transport: enabled Sysco Canada; allow Canadian language setting
Vendor Transport: enabled catchweight logic for eSyco and CostGuard Standard interfaces
- System wide: auto-emails now working with Windows V7

- Inventory: fixed problem with build transactions affecting usage reports improperly
- Inventory: fixed purchase alert report error when items contain double quotes
- Sales: Added Aldelo POS interface
- VendorTransport: added CostGuard Standard Fixed Length format in order guide import
- VendorTransport: fixed error in Whole Foods order guide import
- System: fixed intermittent 5075 error when reprinting the same report

- Reporting: fixed error message when sub-selecting items in all Inventory, Recipe, and Sales reports

- Reporting: fixed error message when sub-selecting items in these reports: Recipe Pricing, Vendor Journal, Inventory Reorder, Sales and Status

- Reporting: fixed error message when sub-selecting items in inventory and recipe reports
- Recipe: fixed problem with ‘incompatible units’ message that caused a program termination
- VendorTransport: fixed problem with GFS/Canada order guide import

- General: Fixed 7077 error for Advantage Remote Users

- Vendor Transport: added a Price Changes only option
- Vendor Transport: updated GFS/Canada Retalix order guide import
- CGXL: now compatible with Office 2007 (.xlsx) spreadsheets

- Inventory Reports: fixed 5121 error in several reports
- Inventory: fixed rounding error when displaying extended valuation for prep recipes

- VendorTransport: fixed slowness in very large imports
- VendorTransport: added GFS/Canada interface
- VendorTransport: added RFS Interface (Reinhardt Food Service)
- Inventory: prep recipes now showing default count unit changes correctly
- Sales: allow non-numeric PLU numbers
- Recipe: include recipe units in recipe import; required files include costguard.*
- Recipe: auto-refresh before running Prep Build
- Recipe/Nutrition: added additional nutrients to output .csv file (not in the label)
- Recipe/Nutrition: added totals to Nutrition Report
- Recipe/Nutrition: added category sort/selection to Nutrition Report

- Sales: added a new ‘Sales and Status’ report that shows sales and inventory data for saleable items
- Recipe: fixed several recipe printing errors
- Recipe: nutrition label in method prints correctly
- Recipe: disabled automatic link to Common Conversions from Ingredients tab of recipe edit
- VendorTransport: added eSysco Canada in Invoice Import
- VendorTransport: disabled adding flagged error items when checking ‘all’ in order guide import

- Recipe: fixed several recipe printing errors
- Recipe: fixed nutrition calculation for saturated fats; there is a one-time update to the nutritional database when CostGuard opens
- Inventory: added price creep detection when importing invoices in VendorTransport
- Inventory: added ‘as entered’ sort in Shopping cart
- Inventory: inventory reports sorted by Super Group now display properly
- Inventory: implemented sorting options in requisitions generated from Recipes
- Inventory: catch weight logic in invoice import implemented for KG in addition to LB
- HandGuard: correctly exports items not associated with a Group
- HandGuard: correctly exports split case orders to Shopping Cart
- Recipe and Inventory: in both Managers, fixed problem of multiple highlights

- Inventory: minimizing report preview is enabled properly
- Inventory: fixed occasional bug when adding second vendor on Order tab of inventory edit
- Inventory: fixed 7200 error in Purchase Alert report
- Inventory: inventory item rename now hitting journal reports correctly
- Inventory: ‘Vendor Friendly’ option on PO printing which displays a single quantity and unit instead of the / notation
- Inventory: Pop-up explanation if the current cost is disabled when editing an inventory item
- Inventory: fixed problem with suspended transactions and international date settings
- Inventory: fixed Usage report error with Advantage Database Server
- Recipe: automatic, selectable sub-recipe printing with recipe printing
- Recipe: edit underlying recipe ingredients with a single click
- Recipe: recipe print wraps long items names instead of truncating whole words
- Recipe: fixed pagination problem when printing multiple page recipes
- Recipe: added a search to Ingredient tab to find a line item more easily
- Recipe: fixed access violation recipe that occurred when editing and closing and inventory edit from an open recipe
- Recipe: recipe pricing report shows saleable items correctly
- Recipe: existing recipe errors are highlighted when editing a recipe
- Recipe: automated error detection (e.g., incompatible units) after selecting a recipe to edit
- Sales: added Micros e7 POS interface
- System: major updates and revisions to Help and Tutorial; added QuickStart tutorial
- System: new opening screen in Demo mode
- System: added Activation button to log-on screen
- System: fixed occasional 7004 error
- System: updated Reindex to remove indices before reindexing
- System: adding a second user in Security no longer hangs
- System: disabled report minimizing
- System: completed Enterprise Reporting interface with Managed Data Group
- Student Version: licensing change to allow for drive ghosting

- Inventory: Inventory Manager now prints properly
- Accounting export: Passport option exports credits correctly
- VendorTransport: added order import from US Foodservice
- Sales: enabled date field in ‘Enter Sales Manually’

- Inventory counts: change date is enabled for suspended counts
- Inventory counts: print edited counts shows correct locations
- Inventory reports: usage reports with details set to off show totals properly
– Inventory reports: new Pricing Comparison report that shows all current prices for an item
- Inventory reports: all prep recipe data appears on Inventory Directory
- Recipe: fixed error if you enter the name of a current recipe when copying
- Recipe: prep builds are now appearing on usage reports
- Recipe: prep builds are now appearing on usage reports
- Recipe reports: saleable items now appearing correctly on Recipe Pricing report
- Sales: new option to delete a sales mix
- Sales POS interface: added Integrated Business Systems (IBS) interface
- System wide: new improved data control popup
- System wide: fixed error in Editmachines.exe for workstation ID’s
- VendorTransport: fixed invoice import for Gordon and Generic selections
- Other: DinePoint reporting interface

- System wide: updated utility programs to detect presence of Advantage Remote Server
- System wide: after opening a .qrp (saved report) file, the Print button is now enabled
- POS Interface: updated the Digital Dining interface
- CGXL: fixed a bug that disabled import if data was missing a vendor code

- Sales Reports: Menu selection added to Sales Mix and Menu Engineering reports
- VendorTransport: fixed a bug that affected receipts updating if you imported items with a location
- VendorTransport & CGXL: now properly inserts vendor name in all cases; creates default inventory count unit
- CGXL: fixed a bug that affected receipts updating if you imported items with a location
- CGXL: fixed preview formatting display error
- System: Reindex now fixes the above two problems; current levels are only updated when you save a transaction affecting the same item
- Shopping cart: fixed temporary file storage problem
- Shopping cart: fixed ‘divide by 0′ problem with suggested orders
- Receipts: An ‘as entered’ sort option has been added
- Nutrition: Fixed calculation error for certain recipe units

- General: Backup & Restore functionality added (from the File option)
- General: external restore.exe created (in CostGuard folder)
- System wide: fixed occasional error code 7057
- Enter Counts: removing an item from a location is permanent
- HandGuard: prep recipes are now included
- HandGuard: items not in groups are now included
- Shopping cart: on order amounts are displayed
- Shopping cart: created orders are rounded up to minimum order amount
- Recipe: fixed occasional 5189 error when opening the same recipe twice
- Recipe/Requisitions: new option to explode prep recipes automatically
- General: several changes to the Help system
- POS Interfaces: added POSERA & Versatouch

- System wide: improved network access when multiple users performed same operation
- Many spots: large fills are faster (VendorTransport, Shopping Cart, etc.)
- VendorTransport: added search and sort capabilities to import screen
- Recipe: added link for common conversions in recipe unit screens
- Recipe Manager: added full text search option
- Inventory Manager: added full text search option
- Inventory: added Passport accounting interface

- VendorTransport: added ‘ignore new items’ option when importing an order guide
- VendorTransport: added search and sort capabilities to import screen

- Counts: liquor control interface (extra cost) added; formats include Accardis, Accubar, and CostGuard standard (text and Excel)
- Counts: you can import counts in SAMP unit using default import file called SAMP_Count_Import.txt
- Purchase orders: added bulk printing from the Edit Orders selection list
- Sales: new imports for POSERA and VersaTouch

- Receipts/suspension: new prices are retained
- Counts/suspension: suspended quantities are now appearing
- Nutrition: you can now create new nutrition codes when editing an Inventory item
- CGXL: no longer puts vendor name in location field

- VendorTransport: highlight and reject items that are missing required fields

- Nutrition: fixes calculations for sub-recipes and certain ingredients
- Network speed: speeds up type-ahead search in key select lists

- VendorTransport: updates pricing and bids if vendor/item name OR vendor/item code matches

- Added Tutorial button on login screen