Unit is in use by another user

Unit is in use by another user

If you should get this error:

“The unit MAIN is in use by another user. All users must close out before it can be restored”

Reboot your server to clear the error.

If that does not work, please try this: Rename the data folder for that unit manually, by exploring to your CostGuard Shared folder (usually in My documents), then clicking Data, then Main (or whichever unit you are trying to restore), and renaming the contents.

If you CAN’T do that successfully, then the problem is Windows rights, not CostGuard.

If you CAN rename it then rename it back to MAIN if you’ve changed it, then log into CostGuard SAMP.

Click File/Restore and choose Main (or whichever unit you are trying to restore) and then restore using your backup file.

Here’s a workaround to restoring if the above doesn’t work. Unzip the folder we sent you.
Highlight all the files that were unzipped.
Explore to CostGuard Shared/Data

Locate the unit that you will be restoring.

Right click and paste.

This will paste all the files that you were sent in the zipped backup.