Unable to run CostGuard

Unable to run CostGuard

If you have been running Costguard and now when you click on the Costguard icon you get no response please do the following:

1. Try to run CostGuard as an administrator by right clicking the icon

2. Try to run CostGuard from Program Files (x86)/CostGuard/Costguard.exe

3. And finally, if none of the above works,

A. turn off the Windows UAC (you can find the UAC in Control Panel),
B. restart your computer,
C. open Costguard and
D. then turn the UAC back on.

we had trouble accessing our in house CRM software and our in house IT figured this out for us. We pass it on to you as a possible fix.

Another issue may be that you have not excluded CostGuard in your anti-virus software . Please make sure to do that also.