Shrinkage Examples

Shrinkage Examples

Here’s a great example of shrinkage

I buy a case of organic kale, which comes in 24 counts. I’ve measured this 24 count to be 12 pounds. After prep, there is only 7.09 lbs of kale that is useable, which gives me a shrinkage of 40.92%. The cost per lb of kale should be $4.58.

Since we did not know the case price we left that blank. When filled in the price will ripple through for each bunch of kale, and then the cost after the shrinkage in Recipe Unit. (screen shot #2)

1. Main screen:


2. Units screen:


If you have an item that you prep purely by trimming and you always use it that way in a recipe then you would use the kale example. But if you have an item that you sometimes trim, sometimes prep in different ways then you would want to use a prep recipe to account for the change.

So dehydrated mushrooms, you may hydrate them for one recipe but use them dehydrated in another. In which case you would create a prep recipe that yields what you would need to use (for example 1 LB yield):

mushroom shrink

mushroom shrink2

In ingredients you would use as much of the dehydrated mushrooms as you’d need to make a LB, in this case .268 lb. You may need to do a few tests to determine the correct amount.
You would also want to add water as an ingredient (you pay for water, and it is part of the recipe).

Once you have this prep recipe you can then add it to either another prep recipe (if you are making a sauce) or add it to a serving recipe.