Setting User Rights

Setting User Rights

Here are the steps to create CostGuard user names and rights:

You must be in the Unit you want to create Rights for (ie., MAIN).

From within that Unit in CostGuard click on Configuration/User and Security Configuration

For complete details, please click
user security1

You will see this screen below. First create Groups and then assign Users to those Groups. More information can be found below the image.


1. Create groups. Determine who in your organization does what. Create a group for each role in CostGuard. Then assign the appropriate rights to that group.

2. Create users, assign them to a group, and provide a password. (If you don’t assign a password, or the group has no rights, then that user won’t be able to log in).

There is a Copy command to copy Rights to multiple users in the same Group.

3. User names, groups, and rights are global, i.e., they are available in each CostGuard unit.

4. Assign Rights. You still must assign that user to a group in each unit you want that user to have access to! These assignments are ‘stamped’ with the CostGuard unit name you are logged into, and ‘live’ in that unit only. If you want the same user to have rights in another unit, you must assign that user to that group when you’re logged into that unit. Note: if you don’t make the assignment in that unit, then the user will get an ‘invalid password’ when logging into that unit. This is a good way of controlling user access to units.