Saving recipes to an external drive

Saving recipes to an external drive

If the printer on your computer stops working and you need to print recipes from a computer that does not have CostGuard you can save those recipes to a file on an external drive (such as a thumb drive). Take that drive to another computer with a working printer. Save the file, open it and print.

Remember, you are saving this as a PDF file, not a CostGuard file.

The first step is to create one “master” recipe that links ALL of your recipes. Otherwise you will have to print each recipe individually.

Once you have this “master” recipe, open it.

1. Click on the printer icon at the top of the screen.

2. The box next to Print sub-recipes should be checked. The box next to PDF should be checked.

3. Click OK. All the sub recipes should alredy be selected with check marks. If not then click the Select All button at the bottom of this pop up screen.

4. Click Print. You will now see all your recipes on the screen.

5. Click File. Save a Copy. Click OK.

6. Now you will be asked where you want to save it. Save it to your external drive.

You now have all your recipes in a file that you can open on another computer.