Generally, CostGuard users need FULL read and write rights to the following folders and their sub-folders:

CostGuard Shared (on the server)
[Program Files]\CostGuard\CostGuard.ini

Common Advantage issues:

7013 Advantage server file access error

Advantage Error Guide

Problem 1: The user does not have sufficient access rights to open the specified file.

Solution 1: If you are using the Advantage Database Server for Windows NT/2000/2003, and your data files are located on a drive using NTFS, that PC’s “system” group must have full access to the share that contains the data in order for the Advantage Database Server service to have access to that data. Note that it must be that PC’s system group that has full access, not the domain’s system group.

Here is additional information and snips from other customer network admins:


After searching around in the folders I found a few files that did not have permissions set for that user. Some how they never inherited full control for that user, everything is working fine now and I want to thank you all very much for your help and suggestions.

We have CostGuard V3 installed for a user and they are unable to run it, as they are not a local administrator of their computer. Due to security reasons we do not allow any of our users to run as administrators.

I think I have this resolved now actually – I made the user an admin temporarily, reinstalled the software as them, then removed the admin rights. It prompts for their password when launching but at least it works.

I’m using CostGuard with a Virtual Machine running windows server and citrix. I put the CostGuard shared folder in the main users directory instead of just on the C drive which forces me to grant each user rights to that users folder. Before I did that CostGuard would just crash on launch. Moral of the story don’t put the shared data folder in a users directory.