Retalix Interface for IFH

Retalix Interface for IFH

Power Net is a tool we provide to our customers to place order to us via the web. The company that developed the software is Retalix (formally IDS). Power Net will allow you to export items with pricing and export invoice detail per item. Also, Power Net will allow the customers to import an order from a csv file. Retalix does not have file layouts. The two export files can be exported into a comma separated text file. I have attached samples of both. The import file needs to be in a csv file. It needs to contain only 3 columns: item #, quantity and broken case. The file doesn’t need header descriptions but if you do include headers then Power Net has the ability to ignore the line in the file.

We do have those options in CostGuard. Here it is for the order guide import:

Here it is for the invoice import:

Here is the PO export:

Description: C:\Users\Matthew\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTML51b24611.PNG

We can add IFH to these lists; that might make things easier for all parties.

We can set you up with a test account if you want to look at this at your end; otherwise, you can send us an order guide and matching invoice so we can test things at our end.

If you no longer use the Retalix interface, then I can send you our interface document specifications.