If you’re currently selling POS systems, then you’re probably not satisfied
with your current ‘back of the house’ solution.

Maybe it’s simplistic, too expensive, or simply ‘too big’ for your average
user. Either way, it’s costing you systems sales as a result.

CostGuard interfaces with all leading POS systems. It’s priced right, easy
to learn, and easy to use.

Interfaces (with POS, accounting, vendors, etc.) provide additional integration
revenue opportunities.

Our dealers make money selling CostGuard™AND their services.

Our reseller program supports your selling needs and provides quality
prospects for your business. You have access to all selling materials,
sales and technical support, and product upgrades for existing stock.
You will also benefit from our ongoing lead generation campaigns.
CostGuard™ is a component of your product line that will be
a great appetizer for increased business.

Please click here to download the application.

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