Forecasting using Requisitions

Forecasting using Requisitions

To determine how much inventory to order for a future date you will create one Recipe that contains within it all the recipes you will be forecasting. To do this:

1. Click on Recipe/ New.

2. On the Main Tab change the Type to Food List. That’s all you need to enter on the Main Tab.

req menu 1

3. Click on the Ingredients Tab. Click the + button on the bottom of the screen and enter each recipe you would like to requisition items for.

If each recipe only serves 1 EA you will want to change the Yield to reflect the number of servings you are forecasting.

On the Ingredient Tab use the +/- icon to convert your recipe up or down to change the number of servings. convert2

For example if your serving size is EA but you forecast serving 150 covers then convert this recipe to 150 EA.

req menu

4. Back on the Main Tab the Requisition Button at the bottom of the screen will now be highlighted. Click on the Requisition Button

requsition small

5. From the pop up either choose the name of a current requisition or click the + button to add a new requisition.
req 4

6. You will now see a screen that lists all the inventory you will need for this requisition, including what you have on hand currently (if you do not count your inventory you may see zeros, or even negative numbers, this is fine) and what you will need to order.


7. You can add all these items to your shopping cart or delete any you don’t want to order.
At the bottom of the screen click Shopping Cart to add the items you want to order, with the amounts that CostGuard has calculated that you will need.