Adding or Replacing a workstation

Adding or Replacing a workstation

If this is a new workstation or one that is replacing an old one then all you need to do is click here to download and install CostGuard as a workstation.

workstation install

Now tell the workstation where the data files reside.
The data files will reside on the server.
When you installed CostGuard on the server you pointed to where the data files live.
Now make sure the workstation points to the same data files on the server. Yes, you are right, we keep repeating this.

workstation file

Now Activate the Workstation

From the workstation click on the CostGuard icon. Choose Activate Now:

activate now

Choose Workstation.


You WILL NOT need to reenter your Activation Codes. CostGuard will automatically activate the workstation for you using the license info on the server.

You WILL need to choose Activate Now or Activation Utility from each Workstation and then just click Workstation. But there is no need to enter codes.

Workstation limit reached?

If you are getting an error message that you’ve reached your workstation limit then you will need to deactivate the old workstation computer ID in CostGuard.

To deactivate:

Please run c:\program files\costguard\editmachines.exe, and erase the old workstation by clicking the – button at the bottom of the screen.

edit machine

This will free up a slot for a new workstation. You can now activate as a workstation again and you should be good to go.