reciProfity conversion for older CostGuard users

If you are on an older version of CostGuard (before, you will need to use the standalone reciProfity export (link and instructions below). You MUST be on at least version in order to utilize it. If you want the most current version of CostGuard, please contact customer service for renewal information.



(Although the update does not touch your data it’s always good to have a backup!)


Updating to a compatible version (optional based on your current version)

If you are on a version below, please download the links in the order below and follow the installation instructions to update to a compatible version. Then follow the instructions for the standalone reciProfity export.

Download this first

Download this second



Downloading and running the reciProfity Export

Here is the link to the reciProfity export .exe


1) Save the file to your CostGuard folder (the default location for that is C:\Program Files (x86)\CostGuard)

2) Run the export.exe program that you placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\CostGuard


Information and Instructions for the CostGuard to reciProfity Export


Here is the link to conversion instructions and information




If you have not signed up for reciProfity yet, you can sign up through the reciProfity website.