Printer is Not Valid

Printer is Not Valid

The “Printer selected is not valid” error has been occurring on a number of new 64 bit versions of Vista and has always been a misconfiguration or security issue.

In the Control Panel / Printers tool, Right Click on the printer you use CostGuard and select Run as Administrator and Properties as shown below:

Then select Everyone and select the three checkboxes as shown below and select OK.

Then see if CostGuard will print.

Following are other options we found on the web:

Generally installing the latest 64 bit drivers from the printer manufacturer’s website has always fixed the problem unless the problem falls into these areas.

If you have installed the printer driver, make sure it’s the exactly the right printer driver and not some other model. For example, if you have a HP LaserJet 4, there is HP LaserJet 4L, 4C, 4Q, 4M, 4J. They are all different models of the same printer.

If the printer is on a network, you need to logon to the network server first before you print.

If your Print server is on Windows 2000, or Windows 98, you must enable Windows Printing Services. Windows Printing Services is found on under Control Panel, Network settings.

If your server is linux, you must enable both TCP/IP printer services AND NetBIOS names.

If your printer is on a WiFi network, you must log onto the network before you can print.

Make sure that you have a default printer defined by clicking on the Start button, Control Panel, Printers. There needs to be a default printer and the default printer needs to be ready.

If you just installed a new printer, make sure that you delete the old printer and select the new printer as the default.

Next is, if the printer is a USB-based printer, you need to actually physically check the connection.

Another suggestion is to run CostGuard as an Administrator. Right click on the Icon and select to run as an administrator.

And as a last resort. We recently we had the same error from Internet Explorer on the 64 bit computer when attempting to print from a secure server. In trying different things to force it to print, we found that disabling UAC in Vista it would allow printing. But that is a loss of the new security and should only be a last resort fix. You can see instructions on how to turn off and on the UAC here:…windows-vista/