Using Receipts to Change Price for Inventory Items

Using Receipts to Change Price for Inventory Items

The inventory item price is disabled if there’s a quantity on hand of an item. This is an auditing precaution, since changing a price on that screen would revalue inventory and your recipes, and would not create an audit trail.

There are two options:
1. Count the item to zero in all its locations; that will allow you to enter a new price in the price field.

2. Enter your price changes in receipts; this is preferred, since you can do many on a single screen, and there will be an audit trail, so you’ll have a pricing history you can refer to. Please see Receipts in Help if you’re not sure of that process.

Click on Inventory/Receipts.

Choose the vendor associated with the item(s) you would like to change prices for.

Right click and choose Fill in Transaction Value.

Answer Yes or No to Bids pop up.

Your screen will now be populated with all the items for this vendor and you can enter the new cost here.

Enter 0 in the # Received Purch\Pack field


When you are done Right click again and choose Save Transaction to up date your prices.