Prep Builds and Adjustments

Prep Builds and Adjustments

For example you make around 10 a day of this recipe, and will have a shelf life of 1 day.
All 10 sandwiches will be either sold or wasted.

Let’s say we sold 8 sandwiches today.
From the sales mix we can enter a new sales mix and input that we sold 8 Ham sandwiches.

Here is the process to input those 10 sandwiches, have the inventory depleted and account for the 2 wasted sandwiches:

1) Create Ham Sandwich as Prep Recipe

2) Create Recipe as Prep Build –

a. Add Ham Sandwich to Recipe + enter quantity created (e.g. 10)

3) Create a new Menu and add Ham Sandwich

4) Create a new sales mix

a. Enter 8 as quantity sold

5) Create a new adjustment

a. Select Ham Sandwich (Current quantity is 10. Add adjustment of -2)