The newest CostGuard release includes our most popular update request: substiutions.

Let’s say one supplier has 50# sugar, and another has 8×5# bags. Without this feature you’d have to edit EVERY SINGLE RECIPE whenever you switch suppliers!

Now it’s as simple as telling CostGuard to do the substitution. Other examples include:

  • The shipment of romaine had to be sent back. You need to substitute iceberg in all your salads EXCEPT the Caesar. No problem.
  • Home made vs. bought: you make your own salad dressings instead of buying prepared. You can substitute the inventory item with the prep recipe. You can reverse the subsitution as needed.
  • Seasonal fluctuations: the price of fresh blueberries skyrockets, and you subsitute frozen instead. This is easy to manage, and easy to undo when the price (hopefully!) come back down to earth.


CostGuard checks for unit compatibility, so you won’t have any mis-priced recipes. Log reports tell you EXACTLY what happened so there are no surprises.

The steps are simple:

First, select the ingredient (or recipe) you want to swap out (you can search very easily), then select the ingredient (or recipe) you want to swap IN.

All the matching recipes are displayed. Click ‘Show Compatibility’, and we’ll alert you to any recipes that have incompatible units. These would obviously create pricing issues, so we alert them to you beforehand.

You can select any or all the listed recipes. You might as well leave the reprice enabled; that way you can see the new prices instantly in reports and recipe manager.

When you’re all set, click Substitute Now. CostGuard makes the replacements quickly and accurately. You’re all set!

This terrific feature saves you hours of item by item updates, and insures your recipe pricing is current and accurate.