Multi Unit Controller

Multi Unit Controller

Creating a New Unit

To open the Multi Unit Controller:

1. Close CostGuard

2. Explore to Program Files (x86)/CostGuard/Multi Unit Controller


3.To make a unit, select “New Unit”
The initial screen will tell you what units you are currently running (MAIN and SAMP are always included), how many you have purchased, and how many are still available to use.
new unit

4.To create the new unit, select a Unit ID that is 4 letters long then enter the description for that ID in the Unit Description.

5.Click “Create Unit”. Once the new unit is create, it will appear in the Multi Unit Controller.

create new unit

6. To open a new unit, open CostGuard. On the main login screen, choose the unit you wish you use from the pull down menu and log in.

select unit

Copying a Unit

If you have two establishments that have the same Inventory and Recipes, you can use the Copy Command to create an new unit that is identical to another one.

1. In the Multi Unit Controller, click on “Copy Data”

copy data

2. In the Copy Unit, use the pulldown menus to select the units you would like to copy from and to.

The “Source Unit” is the original unit with the Inventory and Recipes you would like to use.
The “Destination Unit” is the new unit you want to copy the data to.

3. After you choose your units, select “Copy”.

copy unit 2

4. Close the Multi Unit Controller and open your new unit in CostGuard. Go to Inventory. The most recent count and cost data from the Old Unit transferred. Enter in a Count for the New Unit if you are using the Inventory Module.

CostGuard transferred the Most Recent Price for costing. You will need to enter a new count to reflect what is on the shelves at the new establishment. The historical information, including receipts and reports did not transfer: they will not be in the new unit.

While in Inventory, delete any unneeded items, and add any that were not in the original unit.

Occasionally, products that are available in one area are not available in another. At this point, you may wish to “clean up” your Inventory items in the new unit.

Go to Recipe. Delete any not needed, and add new recipes for this unit.

When finished, this unit is fully loaded and ready to go.