Moving CostGuard to a New Server

Moving CostGuard to a New Server

Make sure you have a backup of your data from your old server.

1. From within CostGuard make a data backup onto a portable drive (File\ Backup Data).

Note: If you’re using the Advantage Remote Server, this option is not available, you will need to back up on your own.

Manual Backup:If you need to make a manual copy of your data and you’re not sure of your data location, then double click the CostGuard.ini file (in the CostGuard startup folder), and under [File Locations] the DATA= points to the folder.

2. If you are using the Advantage Remote Server you will need to move the license to the new server. Here is how to locate the current license information.

On the new server –

1. Download the trial version of CostGuard

2. Install the CostGuard program as a server install on the new server. Point to where the data will reside.

If the server will also be a workstation then install it again as a workstation also. (You must install it as a server first).

3. If you have other existing workstations in addition to the server you will need to point them to the data on the new server.

These workstations should already be activated so you do NOT need to reactivate them.

4. Then activate the server (Click Receive Permanent Activation).

5. You will also need to restore any data from the old server to the new server.

If you are NOT using ADS then you can restore from within CostGuard – click on File/Restore Data.

If you are using the ADS then you will need to copy all the backed up files into CostGuard Shared/Data/{name of unit}

Restore your data

4. After activating, from within CostGuard restore the data (File > Restore).

To restore a manual backup carefully copy both CostGuard Shared\Data and CostGuard Shared\System from the old PC to the same place on the new PC.

Data and system files