Moving Data from SAMP to MAIN

Moving Data from SAMP to MAIN

If you have accidently entered your data into SAMP instead of MAIN you will eventually hit a limit on the number of items you can enter. Please follow these directions to copy the SAMP unit into the MAIN unit.

(If you entered data into MAIN this process will overwrite any data in MAIN)

To do this, you use the Multi-Unit Controller program that was installed on your PC when you installed CostGuard:

1. Log off CostGuard

2. click Start / Program Files (x86) / CostGuard V3 / Multi-Unit Controller. Here’s a screen shot of what you should see. In Windows 8, use the search to search for “Multi-Unit Controller”.

There will be only 2 units displayed, SAMP and MAIN. Click the Copy Data button

multi unit controller w box

You will see this screen. Use the pull down to choose SAMP as the source and MAIN as the destination.

copy unit

Click the Copy button and your data will be copied from SAMP to MAIN.

Just remember that all of our sample data will be copied along with your newly entered data.