Importing POS Selling Price

Importing POS Selling Price

CostGuard can now sync your selling price with your POS to save you time and keep your sales accurate!

If you change a selling price in your POS, it will now update the selling price in CostGuard when you import your sales mix.

To enable this feature, go to Sales/Options. Select “Update CostGuard Selling Price with POS Selling Price”.

sales options new

When you use the POS Import feature to import a sales mix, the new selling price is imported and the changed price is marked in red.

new selling price

*Important- Check with your POS company to see if the selling price field is included in their reports. If it is, please send us a sample file so we can create a filter for it. You will need to use this new filter in CostGuard in order for the program to be able to utilize this field.