Error 7044

Error 7044

7044 Advantage Server already on network

Advantage Error Guide

Problem: When the Advantage server was started/loaded, another Advantage server with an identical serial number was found on the network.

You received a new code from us.

You attempted to add ADS to the same server it was already running on.

Advantage knows that this code is already in use on this server.


If you need to have multiple concurrent users then your license will reflect that. For example if you purchased a 5 user license then the serial code we send you will let ADS know that 5 users will be working concurrently.

You only need to install ADS ONCE and then enter the serial ONCE. This is done on the server. Then all workstations will be pointing to this ADS license on the server.

Each workstation must have the client/server box checked in order for CostGuard to run remotely.