Error 7041

Error 7041

The error in your log indicates that either
• You don’t have full rights to the folder, or
• There’s some other interference (e.g., anti-virus) or
• The file doesn’t exist

The first 2 points are most likely.

You can check rights (you may want to have IT help you) by trying to create and save a text file in your system folder (if you do not know where your system files are located, click File > View CostGuard.ini file, and look at the ‘System=’ setting).

You should also white list the entire data folder in your anti-virus software. Please consult that documentation if you need those instructions.

**Allergens: If this error appears on the error log with an allergens error we will send you an updated system folder.If you are not in demo mode then you will need to reactivate the workstation after installing those files. ** Agent: please see notes in Evernote