DropBox Update

DropBox Update

Here’s how to update your version of CostGuard:

1. Exit CostGuard before doing the next step

2. Click the link that is embedded in the email you received from us and choose RUN

If Windows displays a message saying this download is suspicious it is OK to continue.

This will take you through a short process of updating CostGuard to the correct version.

Should the above process not run please follow the directions below:

3. Instead of choosing Run when clicking the above link click Save to your desktop

4. Right click on the saved CostGuard.exe file, and click “Copy”

5. Explore to c:\Program Files (x86)\CostGuard.

Right click on the CostGuard folder (do not open the folder) and click “Paste”. Allow the old file to be replaced when prompted.

6. Open CostGuard to use the new version

  • If you receive the error below, you did not follow steps 3-5. You cannot use this file to run CostGuard you must replace your old costguard.exe file with this new costguard.exe file. The only way to do that is to copy it OVER the old costguard.exe file in your Programs Files (x86) folder
  • system error