Deleting ALL data

Deleting ALL data

These are instructions for deleting ALL of your CostGuard data. This will remove all inventory items, related information, recipes, history, etc. etc. Please be sure that this is what you want to do!

Please erase all files EXCEPT the following from your data folder. If you’re not sure of their location, click File, View CostGuard ini file, and look at the Data= setting; you’ll see the unit name you want to work in (e.g., Main) when you explore the folder.

Close CostGuard if it is running.


measures.* (all files starting with measures)

costguard.* (all files starting with costguard)

Files you can optionally keep:

invopt.* (if you want to keep your inventory options, such as price change alert %)

setup.* (if you want to keep your setup options, such as target food cost %)

locat.* (inventory locations)

vendor.* (vendor names and information)

categ.* (recipe categories)

You can also keep these files, but either erase both or keep both; don’t just keep one:



When you restart CostGuard, there will be a short delay as the new, blank files are created on the fly.