Deleting .ai files

Deleting .ai files

This error can be resolved by deleting a file called

If you know where your data file is located click here.

If you need help finding your data, click here.


1) If you are not sure where your data is located, you can find the location in the CostGuard.ini file (in the CostGuard startup folder).
To locate the CostGuard.ini file explore to Program Files (x86)/CostGuard.


Open CostGuard.ini.

Look for the line DATA= points to the folder. For example:

file locations

Then, find the location of your data. In the example above, it is located under Documents/CostGuard Shared- which is shown below

data location

Once you know where the data lives you can locate and delete it. click here for those directions.

2. Close CostGuard before the next steps.

Explore to your data folder (CostGuard Shared/Data)

Open the unit you were using (for example MAIN)

Find the file called

Right click on the name and delete the file.

costguard ai

3. If you still receive the error, delete the file in your systems folder. You can find the systems folder in CostGuard Shared/System