Data Corruption

Data Corruption

Data corruptions in Costguard are very infrequent. They can happen for many reasons, including brown outs, black outs, electrical surges, hardware issues, program errors, external issues (anti-virus, auto-backups), user caused issues (copying, erasing, or overwriting files) or for reasons that can’t be discovered.

It is your obligation to make backups; backups don’t happen unless you make them. We suggest keeping a few generations of backups. Make backups *before* a problem occurs, not afterwards! If you backup corrupted data, you may be overwriting good data.

Some data corruptions can be fixed with the CostGuard reindex utility.

If that doesn’t work, and you don’t have backups, then the only other option will be our data recovery services. We will do our best to fix your data, but there are no guarantees of success. You will need to send us a zipped backup of your data; we will return it in the same way, with instructions for installation.

Cost: $150.00
Terms: prepaid; no refunds, no guarantees of success