Culinary Students: This is for you!

Do you dread food costing by hand? We don’t blame you. It’s an integral part of running a successful foodservice business. But:

  • It’s time consuming and error prone.
  • It sets your brain on fire. Can you feel the smoke coming out of your ears?
  • It’s imperative that you know how to use these computer systems so you can add value to your team no matter where you’ll be working.
  • Hey, this is the 21st Century, food costing should be computerized.

CostGuard is here to help!

CG-Educator software is uniquely designed to assist both hospitality management and culinary instruction. It’s the best way to deliver application based culinary and restaurant training and education.

The cost is $25.00 per year. Cheaper than any textbook!

CG-Educator is a tremendous tool for management and culinary training. It’s real software used by the trade: much more than a simulation or a limited demo. You’ll benefit greatly from experience with industry-grade software. Potential applications include:

Inventory Control, Cooking and Baking
Purchasing, Banquets and Catering
Menu Planning, Beverage Management
Computers in Foodservice, Quantity Cooking

This is a unique opportunity to learn the technological skills you require in order to succeed!

The cost for CG-Educator is $25 for a one year license or $45 for a two year license and includes all the modules in our Prime Suite.

To order, please follow these directions:

click hereBuy now

Scroll down to Upgrades and Other. Enter the amount 25 (or 45) in the Other field.

Enter all your credit card and address information (enter the name of your school in the Company field)

In the field marked Comments please enter:
1. Your teacher’s name and email address.
Please introduce CostGuard to your teacher.
2. The name of the class you are registered for

Once we have confirmed that you are a registered student you will receive instructions for downloading and unlocking the full version of CostGuard.