CostGuard Go!

CG-Cloud™ delivers Essential CostGuard reports and alerts to your smart phone!

There’s a lot of data flowing around you. Sometimes what you need is just the ‘greatest hits’.

  • Where’s my worst price creep? What recipes costs have fluctuated the most?
  • Is there a shrinkage problem?
  • What are you spending by category? By vendor?
  • How’s my menu really performing?


CG-Cloud is a simple, subscription based addition that truly enables off-site management.

Won’t you sleep a little better knowing that issues and alerts are available at your fingertips, whenever you need to check?


CG-CLOUD combines the best of both CostGuard on your PC, and at your fingertips on the very light and mobile iPad.

Want to take counts on your iPad?

No need to walk around with paper and pencil.
No need to reenter your counts on your PC.

Use CostGuard Go! to remote into your PC from your iPad while taking inventory.
Enter your counts directly into CostGuard while you are walking around.

CostGuard Go! licenses for 1, 2 or 3 years.

No data get transferred to your mobile device, the screen is merely redirected. This means no data is lost even if your iPad is lost.