Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials:
1. Vendor Transport Excel Spreadsheet Import

Does your supplier send you order guides and receipts in Excel format? Now it’s easy to import those spreadsheets using VendorTransport.
For written directions click here.

2. Substitutions

Switching from frozen to fresh? Did your supplier send you sugar in a 50 lb bag instead of the usual 25 lb bag? Were you getting Tyson 2116 5oz breast from Agar Food Supply and you switched to Pierce 2341 5oz Breast from Performance Food Group? Or perhaps you are replacing a bottled or canned item with an in house prepared item. Keep your recipes priced correctly even when using different inventory. No need to reenter new inventory items for every recipe – CostGuard will make those changes for you automatically.

3. Allergens

Allergens will print on your nutrition labels. Add your own sub-allergens.


Wherever there’s wifi there’s CG-Cloud. Your iPad connects directly to your PC so you can enter data directly into CostGuard.

Take your counts using an iPad.
Use your iPad to walk through your inventory and take counts.

Have wifi on your loading dock? Enter your receipts as you receive your inventory.

Wifi in the kitchen? A chef with his iPad close at hand for scaling recipes and viewing plating.