CostGuard and the Advantage client/server upgrade

CostGuard and the Advantage client/server upgrade

The Advantage upgrade uses the SAME database files, and runs the SAME version of CostGuard. The difference is that it runs as a service (as opposed to DLL’s). It’s triggered by a simple check box in the Activation program. You could actually switch between the two modes by simply checking this box.

The Advantage upgrade provides the following:

1. Enhanced throughput, since the server will handle queries, and transmit ONLY the matching items (as opposed to sending ALL the recipes, and having the workstation do the query). You can see how much less bandwidth this would use.

2. Enhanced data protection, since there is ‘transaction processing’, which allows for an automatic rollback if there’s a problem, e.g., a count that gets an error message.

Advantage recommends the upgrade for any network; we recommend it for any network that is either very busy, is aging, or is prone to errors (due to brownouts, interruptions, etc.)

Licensing is based on CONCURRENT usage; this is different than CostGuard networking licensing, which is based on workstation use.

Sample pricing:

2-user: $269.00

3-user: $450.00

5-user: $650.00

This is a one-time fee. There may be upgrades to Advantage that are required; those costs (which are reasonable) are separate from any other CostGuard support costs.

We provide the first level support. Second level support is with the Advantage support forum (free for end users); third level direct with Advantage, also free for end users.