CG-CLOUD download

Splashtop is the remote access server CostGuard uses to connect between your Windows PC CostGuard and your iPad.

1. Create a Splashtop account

1. From your iPad – download CG-CLOUD from the iTunes Store
2. From your PC – Download the “Streamer” onto the PC on which you use CostGuard.
3. Download the “Streamer”
The “Streamer” tells CG-Cloud which computer is associated with your account.
When you log onto the CG-Cloud app on your iPad all of the computers that have “Streamer” on them will be listed.

Streamer dashboard

3. Create an account name. This name will link the “Streamer” to your iPad
4. On the iPad open CG-Cloud and connect to the computer(s) associated with your account.

When you are using CG-Cloud it will take control of your PC. Only you will be able to use your PC at that time. CG-Cloud acts as your screen into your PC!