CG-Cloud Setup Instructions

Setting up the connection between your PC and your iPad:

  • A “streamer” lives on your PC. This streamer allows your computer to be discovered by your iPad and gives CG-Cloud permission to use your PC.
  • The CG-Cloud app lives on your iPad.
  • You will need to download both the streamer and the app.

Follow these directions:

1. Download the streamer onto your PC. here.

2. Login to Splashtop with your Account ID and Password to the streamer application.

streamer login2

3. Download CG-Cloud from iTunes onto your ipad, here.

4. Login to CG-Cloud app with the same account Account ID and Password.

5. When you have logged into your iPad choose the PC you’ve enabled by tapping on it.

tap ipad


Get comfortable with CostGuard on the PC before you begin using it.

Take some time to get used to CG-Cloud before you take your actual counts.

  • Have CostGuard up and running on your PC.
  • Then connect using CG-Cloud on your iPad.
  • CG-Cloud loads with the custom numeric keypad.


You will see an eye icon on the upper left of your iPad screen.

Tap it and the numeric keypad will disappear. Tap it again and the keypad will reappear.

If the icons cover the CostGuard options drag/pull it to the right by the lower right edge.

drag 1

CG-Cloud 4

  • Use the keypad to enter numbers,
  • the down arrow key to move the curser down the Count Purch/Pack field,
  • and the Del or Backspace keys if you need them.
  • numeric keypad

  • Practice using two fingers to scroll through the list of items.

If you see two mice at the bottom of the screen you can untoggle them by tapping with 2 fingers.

CG-Cloud toggle


If you have purchased multiple licenses

Log in to Splashtop with your Account ID and Password here.
Click Members on the left.
Click invite members and enter their email addresses. Once they accept they will be added to the list.

invite team