Canadian Discount

Why you should buy CostGuard

CostGuard Food Costing Software is used in all the provinces, in every type of operation you can imagine. Hotels (Delta Group), restaurants (Moxie’s), corporate (Magna International), etc. As a result, we have terrific relationships with Canadian national distributors (Sysco, GFS, etc.) CostGuard is the ideal software for managing food costs.
CostGuard understands metric conversions, and will adjust for any date formats in your Windows settings.
It’s the ideal combination or price, features, and ease of use.

Why you haven’t bought CostGuard

But we’ve heard from many Canadians about what’s keeping them from purchasing: the dollar conversion. Why should you be penalized for something you can’t control?

Why now is the time to buy CostGuard
We realize that you may need an incentive to purchase our US based software, so here it is: 15% off.

Order on-line (or call us directly), and use this sales code:

P15CANADA (case sensitive!) to receive a 15% discount for your CostGuard purchase.

Fine print: New users only; must be located in Canada; applies to CostGuard software and support only, not third party software, custom programming, training, or any other services.

This discount obviously won’t last forever!

Here it is again:


Order with this link, or call us at (888) 325-6937, ext 1 (sales).

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