Error 7077

Error 7077

A 7077 often indicates that the server type is wrong:

1. You have 2 workstations and one has the client/server box checked but the other does not.
Please see this link.

2. You are using the Advantage db upgrade and the client/server box has NOT been activated.

Run the CostGuard Activation Utility on each workstation:

Start CostGuard, log in, click Help, Run Activation Utility, then click StandAlone;

Click the Client/Server tab and check the box labeled Activate client/server database.
(if you ever stop using the client/server database, then you Must remember to uncheck this box)

client server activation

3. This error “The file is not a valid Advantage Data Dictionary file” can also mean that pointers to the data folders are not correct; that keeps CostGuard from finding your files.

Make sure the connect path specifies a directory instead of a file. And if you are pointing to the data from more than one workstation that the path is EXACTLY the same from each workstation.

For more information please see this link to the Advantage Knowledgebase.

This means that the pointers (in the config.exe) may be wrong, or perhaps data was moved. Click this link for directions to making changes to those settings from each workstation.

Since you’re networked, you should also check the rights, to be sure that the user has complete rights to the entire path you specify:

Data=K:\CostGuard\CostGuard Shared\Data\
System=K:\CostGuard\CostGuard Shared\System\

4. You need to exclude CostGuard in your anti-virus software. Otherwise your anti-virus software believes that CostGuard is dangerous!