CostGuard: The Big Picture
CostGuard Quick Tour
Purchasing and Installing Costguard
Inventory Module
    First Time using CostGuard?
    Have you completed the Inventory Setup?
    Set Up
    Do You Need to Track Inventory Coming and Going to Different Places?
    Entering Inventory Items - Five Methods
    Entering Inventory Items - Main Tab
    Entering Inventory Items: Unit Tab
    Spreadsheet Import Command: CG-XL
    Enter an Inventory Item: Ordering Tab
    Inventory Manager
    Entering Counts: Starting the Process
    Entering Counts
    Edit/Delete Counts
    Entering Bids
    Entering Orders
    Shopping Cart
    More Shopping Cart Features
    Entering an Order by Vendor
    Entering Orders with the Fill Command
    Edit/Delete Orders
    Common Issues with Receipts
    Entering Requisitions
    Entering Adjustments
    Inventory Reports
    Inventory Reports: Lists
    Inventory Reports: Purchasing
    Inventory Reports: Usage
    Inventory Reports: Journals
    Inventory Reports: Alerts
Sales Module
How to get the most out of CostGuard
Other Modules and Interfaces