Don't see your Vendors listed? Don't worry. Chances are your Vendors Ordering system is in our files, and available for you. Email us at for a detailed list.


Imagine all of your Vendor’s weekly prices captured in one program.  Your invoices with all of their information are available electronically for your use.  You can quickly check for specials and even order online.  With CostGuard, you can easily accomplish this with the VendorTransport Module. 


CostGuard designed VendorTransport to manage information from your Vendors.  With VendorTransport, you can import bids and order guides, and export orders without re-typing the information.  Using VendorTransport saves you money, as you do not have to pay someone to type in bids and order guides.  It also solves accuracy problems, as the information is downloaded electronically, avoiding typing errors.  And since VendorTransport will send orders to your Vendors, you do not have to use valuable time calling and leaving orders for sales representatives.  CostGuard designed VendorTransport to manage your electronic communications with your partners.


Currently VendorTransport supports communications with national and regional Vendors.  To check if your preferred purveyors are on the list, click here to connect to CostGuard’s webpage.  If your favorite vendor is not on the list, send us a note at with the contact information for your Vendors.  Chances are we have an interface for them. 


If your Vendors use a spreadsheet format for order guides, you may be able to import them with the Spreadsheet import interface.  For information on CostGuard and Spreadsheet conversions, click here


VendorTransport is an additional program for CostGuard.  To purchase, click here.


VendorTransport has three parts: creating the electronic link with a Vendor, importing information such as order guides and receipts from Vendors, and exporting information such as an order to a Vendor.  The tutorial will cover each section in detail. 


Before you can use VendorTransport, you need to create the Vendor.  Use the Vendor Setup to add the Vendor to your list of Vendors.  To do this, click here.


Next, arrange with your sales representatives for electronic transfers.  Since each company has different programs and procedures, work with the company to configure the computer with CostGuard and install their program.  Request training on downloading invoices and order guides so that you are comfortable with their commands and login protocols.  You will have to double check with your sales representative as to how their company handles adding to or deleting an order.  Make sure you know how they handle this, as canceling an order in CostGuard does not cancel an order that you have sent via VendorTransport.


To continue with VendorTransport, click here.