Hate the names that your Vendors use? Find  that the same item has a different name from each Vendor? You can change the name in CostGuard. If you are using the optional Vendor Transport, then you can still change the name and CostGuard will match the item using the Vendor's Item Code.

Naming Items in Inventory 

Hint: want to find Inventory items fast?  Then before you start typing, spend a moment to think of how to name your items. 


Whatever you choose is what will appear in the Inventory manager.  For example, take shredded cheddar cheese.  You may want to call it “cheese, cheddar, shredded” so that you can find it fast in the Inventory manager.  That way, you can also easily find “cheese, mozzarella, shredded”


Keep a sheet of paper near the computer to document how you will name your Inventory Items.