This report answers such questions as "What do I need to order from this Vendor?", "What do I need to order?", and "Who do I order this item from?"

Inventory Reports: Purchasing

Inventory Purchasing Reports help you manage your orders.  The Reports in this section show you who you order Inventory Items from, how much they cost, and the size of the case that you purchase them.  Reorder Reports provide information about your Ordering parameters and other related information.


For selection, you can choose all or certain Vendors.  



You can sort the reports in this section. You can sort by the Item name, or by the Vendorís Item code.  Just remember, different Vendors use different codes for the same items.  If you are comparing prices of specific items, you may want to sort by Item Name.  If the Sort box is gray, then it is not available for this Report.

You can also sort the items alphabetically, Super Group, Group, Location, or Vendor.  Not all options are available on every report.



The Re-Order Reports are:

Vendor Quick Count Reports

This Report prints out a quick update of the items you order from this Vendor.  Use it to make a quick check of your stock before ordering.  You can use this report to fax to your sales rep or leave for them to pick up.  You can select Vendor(s), but sorting is not available.



Re-Order Report

This report tells you what you need to order based on the par levels that you set for each item.  Look at this report on a daily basis to make sure that you have all needed items on hand.  You can select the Vendor for this Report, and then sort by the Item Name or Item Code.   

If you see Inventory Items on this sheet on a regular basis, then you may need to adjust the par levels of the item or order more frequently.  For more information on setting par levels, click here The Shopping Cart and Order by Vendor provide similar functionality, with the added benefit of creating the actual transaction (in addition to the printout).  For more information on creating an Order, click here.


Purchasing Directory

The Purchasing Directory is a comprehensive report showing all of the details of the ordering information.  The example, shown below, is sorted by Vendor.  This report shows the Inventory Item name, purchase size, and cost details, date of last price, pack size and cost details, par levels and minimum purchasing amounts.  Since this Report details everything about ordering an item, use it after selecting and sorting based on your establishmentís needs. 


On-Hand Report

This report shows you how much of each Inventory Item you have on-hand.  It shows the count unit, the amount, count date, and type (Inventory Item or Prep Recipe).  Use this report to review your purchases, manage par levels, and double check counts.  You may also use it to find your overstock items so that you can use them in specials to deplete the stock.  You can select items based on Vendor, but sorting is not available.



Pricing Comparison

This report is a quick recap of each inventory item, the purchasing cost, current price and the vendor and last time it was received.  This is a handy report to compare prices from different Vendors, or to check when the last time something was ordered.  This report can be sorted by Super Group and Group for easier analysis.


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