Entering Orders


If you created Bids from your Vendors, CostGuard will use that information for the Order, saving your time and money. If you want more information on Bids, Click here.

Do you dread Order days?  Hate the thought of comparing Counts to Pars, to figure out how much to Order?  Do you spend several hours comparing prices from the different Vendors? On Order day, do you find yourself surrounded by slips of paper for parties with their needs?  If any of this matches your workday, then use CostGuard’s Order function to create quickly create Orders based on information you have entered into the program.


Why use CostGuard to create Orders?  The information is in the program, ready to use to create an order.  CostGuard does the math for you, adding up the quantities.  All you need to do is double check it, and give the information to the sale representative.  And, if you have the optional Vendor Transport, then CostGuard will send the orders electronically.   Using the Order function saves time and prevents math and data entry errors. With a few clicks, you will have Orders based on what you need, and what you want. Later, should something change before it goes to the Vendor, simply use the Edit Order screen to make your changes.  


CostGuard has two different methods of creating an Order.  Because the program is so flexible, you can use the method that is easiest for you.  As you read the descriptions below, think about how you order.  You can choose either method, and later, you can use the other one. 


The first method, Shopping Cart, is an automatic ordering system that fills the cart with the Inventory items. You can select items yourself, import them from a handheld device, or have CostGuard transfer a Requisition.  If you want, Shopping Cart can even create a “suggested” order for you based on pars and counts.  Once an Inventory Item is in the Shopping Cart, CostGuard can select a vendor for you based on criteria you set.  Shopping Cart easily combines ordering details from the different screens and creates a list for your Order.


The second method, Order by Vendor, is a blank slate.  First, you choose a Vendor, and then CostGuard will fill in the Inventory Items for you.  If you tend to purchase the same Inventory Items from the same Vendors, this method will fill those items in for you.  You can ask CostGuard to suggest an order for you based on pars and pricing.  This method can also copy the last order, letting you create standing orders with ease. 


You can choose one or both methods to Order at anytime.  You can start with the Order by Vendor, and then create another Order in Shopping Cart.  Later, you can create a Requisition list and then send it to the Shopping Cart.  With the optional VendorTransport module, CostGuard can send the order electronically to the Vendor.


To see how to Order using Shopping Cart, click here.


To see how to Order using the Order by Vendor, click here.


To see how to Order using Requisitions, click here.


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