You can use any or all of the methods listed here. For example, you can start by using the Copy Command from the Multi-Unit Controller, and then add more Inventory items with the Recipe Import, Spreadsheet Conversion, or Import Order Guide. Then you can type in the remaining Inventory items. Use the methods that are the quickest for your establishment.

Entering Inventory Items: Five Methods

CostGuard has five different ways you can use to enter in your Inventory Items.  Each method is slightly different, and you can use them at different times.  If you are entering Inventory Items for the first time, use the method that is the fastest for your operation.  Later, to add additional items, you can still choose the other methods.


Read the options below and choose the one you would like to look at now.  Each method will finish at the Editing an Inventory Screen, and from there, you can come back to this screen. 


Copy Command from Multi-Unit Controller

If you have the Multi-Unit Controller and have more than one Unit, this option will copy Recipes and Inventory items into the new, blank unit.  If all or the majority of your recipes and inventory items will be the same, for example, a chain with identical menu items, recipes, and ingredients, use this method.  This option will also copy the auxiliary files including adjustment names, vendors, and locations.  Use this option only if your new unit is blank – it will overwrite any data in it.  If you want to use this method
plus another listed below, start with this one, and come back.


Typing in Inventory Items

This method shows you how to enter the Inventory by typing in the information.  It will show each tab on the Enter a New Item screen and explain all of the fields.  You can use this method at any time to add more Inventory Items.



CG-XL Spreadsheet Conversion

Use this option if you have information in a spreadsheet and would like to convert it.  This option will convert the spreadsheet to Inventory items.  It will only add items not in CostGuard.  If you are currently using spreadsheets for your Inventory, this will be the fastest method to add the items.  You can convert a spreadsheet at anytime.


Recipe Import

This option imports Recipes and their ingredients.  You can use this method to import recipes from another establishment that uses CostGuard.  If you have typed in Recipes or Inventory Items that you want to keep, this method will let you overwrite or preserve the information in the Unit.  This method is especially suited for multi-unit concepts that need to update individual units.


Import Vendor Order Guide using VendorTranport

This method electronically imports a Vendor Order Guide.  You can import all of the Inventory Items listed in the Order Guide. If you have more than one Vendor, you will need to import each guide separately.  Or, you can import your main Vendor, then go back and edit Inventory items to include your other purveyors. You can also use this option to import one Vendor’s information, and later use another method for other Vendors who do not have electronic order guides.  This option requires the Vendor Transport Module to work.


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