You can edit recipes whenever you want and change any information as needed, including ingredients, yields, photos, methods, and categories. Just make sure if you want to keep the original recipe, and the newly revised version, make a copy of the original with a different name, then make the revisions. For more information on copying recipes, click here.

Editing a Recipe

Occasionally, you will need to edit or change a recipe.  Editing a Recipe allows you access to all of the recipe’s information.  You can change any fields in any tab.  If you need to review the information for the tabs, click here. You will go to the Main Tab, and from there, you can access all of the other tabs in the Recipe Module.


Remember Editing just changes the information; it is still there in the Recipe Database.  If you want delete a Recipe completely, then click here.


To Edit a Recipe

1.       Click Recipe, Click Recipe Manager.


Or, you can click Recipe, then Edit Recipe and use the drop down arrow to find the recipe.

2.       Use the Scroll bar, or the arrows to find the Recipe that you wish to Edit.  Make sure that the  yellow arrow is to the left of the Recipe.  Click the Edit box.

3.       Click Edit and the Recipe will appear with all of its details.

4.       When finished click Close.  A second window will ask if you wish to save the changes.  Click Yes to save, Cancel to go back to the screen, and No to abandon the changes.