Creating Requisitions from Recipes

CostGuard has a great feature that will convert any number of recipes into a requisition for your establishment.  You can use this feature to create pull lists for daily prep sheets and production schedules. If you would like more information on requisitions, click here.



To save time, before you requisition the items, scale the recipe first. Convert the ingredients to the yield you need, then requisition. For more information on converting ingredients, click here.

This feature also works for catering and event management.  Before creating the requisition, create the menu for the event.  Group all of the needed recipes together in a menu, and adjust the yield for the estimated number of guests.  Save the menu, and then continue with the steps below.


To begin

           1.       Click Recipe, click Recipe Manager

           2.       Using the mouse or the arrow keys, move the yellow arrow to the left    
          of the  recipe or menu that you wish to requisition.  Click Edit.

           3.       Change the recipe type to Food List.

To change any recipe to a Food List, siply use your mouse to move to the Type field and click the  button.  Use your mouse or arrow keys to highlight Food List and hit enter.  Changing the recipe type to Food List will enable the Requisition button.

4.       Click the Requisition button at the bottom of the screen.  A popup list of requisition names will appear.  Use the arrows to find the name of the requisition that you want.  Make sure the yellow arrow is to the left of the name.  Click select.

For more information on how to create Requisition names, click here.

5.       The requisition screen will appear.  The suggested quantities will appear in the Quantity Req’d column.

If you need to edit the quantities, for example to send whole containers to the requisition area, use the arrows to move to the quantity field and change them.  You can also add items to the requisition and delete items from it.  Click the Shopping Cart button at the bottom of the Requisition screen, and CostGuard will send the ingredients and quantities to the Shopping Cart.  Since this is the same screen as Requisitions in Inventory, for more information, click here.

6.       Print the Requisition if you want a paper copy, and Save.

When you click Save, the Inventory Items and Recipes that you requisitioned will be deleted from the available stock.  You can click the Suspend icon to “hold” the Requisition without saving or depleting Inventory.

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