Make sure that you use the Convert module from the newest program. For CostGuard v3, the conversion utility is located in the Program files\CostGuard.

Converting from an Older Version of CostGuard

Are you upgrading to a newer version of CostGuard?  You can convert all of your older data to the new program easily.  If you have the Multi-Unit Controller, the data will convert for you as well, creating matching Units in the new version.


To begin, purchase, install, and activate your new version.  For more information, click here.  The newer version will install in different folders, so your older program is still available. When you are finished, return here.


Before converting, you can delete any information that you do not want to convert in the older version of CostGuard.  Backup the data in the older version before beginning the process.  Make sure that your new version is blank, and you have not entered any data in it.  If you have, it may be lost or overwritten in the conversion process. Exit both the old and new versions of CostGuard.

1.       Click Start, click My Computer, click Program Files, and click CostGuard.

2.       Look down the list of files.  Look for the Convert  Icon.  Click it.

3.       The Convert popup will appear.  If you did not change the suggested directories when you installed the old or new versions, you should see a file name in the old settings and new settings fields. 

If you did change the directories, then click the Select button to browse and find them.  Make sure you have the old or “from” in the top field, and the new or “to” in the bottom field.


4.       If you have more than one unit, highlight the first unit you wish to convert.  You will need to convert each unit one at a time.  Click Convert to begin the process.

The Conversion Utility will convert all of the Inventory, Recipe, and Sales databases.  All of your data including Counts and other transactions will transfer.  Depending on how much information is in the old program, this may take a few minutes to process.

5.       When the Conversion is finished, you will see a confirmation note in the bottom Report field.  If there were any errors in the Conversion, they will appear there as well.

6.       If you have additional units, repeat steps 4 and 5 until all of them have been converted.

SAMP will not convert to SAMP in CostGuard 3.0.  If you wish, you can convert SAMP to another unit that you have purchased.  If you have data in your SAMP unit of an older version of CostGuard, it will not transfer to the new version.

7.       When finished Converting, click Close.  Open the newer version of CostGuard and check your data.

The older version of CostGuard is still active and functional.  However, if you are using both versions of the program, the data will not transfer between them.  You should use the newer version for all transactions from this point forward.


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