Once you have purchased one component, you can easily purchase and activate add-on modules and interfaces. Simply follow the installation and activation instructions. CostGuard is a program that will grow as your needs and operation grow.

Activating CostGuard

Activating CostGuard turns on the features that you’ve purchased.  Once you activate CostGuard, you have unlimited functionality.  You must purchase and install the program before you can activate CostGuard.  For information on purchasing, go to   For information on installing, click here.  If you do not activate CostGuard, then you can run the program in Demo Mode.  For more information on Demo Mode, click here.


Requesting Activation Codes

The first step is to request the activation codes.  Once you receive them, via an email, then you need to enter them into the program.  To begin this process, you need to get to the Demo Mode popup.  You can get to this popup by starting CostGuard.  

Note:  If you have a network, you must activate the server first before you can activate any workstations.


Requesting Activation Codes

1.       Click the Receive Permanent Activation or Receive Temporary Activation button.  This will send an email to CostGuard. Any request for permanent activation must be done via email or fax.

Temporary Activation lets you use the fully functional version of CostGuard for a certain time period, and retains your trial period.  Your trial period ends within 30 days of purchase, or when you request a Permanent Activation, whichever comes first. If you want to test CostGuard without the limits of Demo Mode, then you should click this button.  Before the 30 days are up, you will need to convert to Permanent Activation.  If you do not, then CostGuard will revert to Demo Mode.  For more information on Demo Mode, click here.  When you receive your Permanent Activation Codes, return to this screen and follow the directions starting with step 4.


2.       If you see a message saying that your email could not be sent, then click the here in the last line.  Make sure you include the requested information with the email.

3.       In a short period of time, you should receive an email back from CostGuard with the Activation Codes.  While you are waiting, you can use the program in Demo Mode or close the program until the codes arrive.


Entering Activation Codes

4.       When you receive the codes, keep the email open so you can cut and paste the codes in the activation screens.  Or you can print out the email and type in the codes. If you have closed CostGuard, start it again, and click the  button.

When you see the popup below, click the button that corresponds to the computer you are activating.  If you are activating a Standalone PC, then you need to click that button.  If you are activating a network, activate the Server first, and then you will activate the workstations. You can activate your server from any workstation, but make sure you do this before activating the workstations.


5.       The activation screen will appear.  This is where you will enter in the codes from the email. What you enter will depend on the kind of activation you are requesting: Permanent or Temporary.

Check that the Computer ID in the email matches the ID number at the top of the Activation Screen.  If it does not, contact CostGuard at for help.

6.       The Activation Codes and Dates that you receive depend on which modules, interfaces, and support plans you purchased.  As you view the following screens, if you did not purchase a particular component, the code will not be in the email.


7.       Type in or Copy and Paste from the email, your “Disable license expiration” date if it is in the email. If you enter this code successfully, you’ll receive an automatic pop-up to edit the default  company name.



8.       Next, you must type in your activation dates and codes for the “Adjust License Expiration” or “Adjust Support Expiration.”

You must enter in the dates and the codes.  When finish typing all three fields in, Not Authorized! will change to Authorized!  If it does not, try typing or copying the number again.  Double check that the computer ID in the unlock email matches your computer ID.  Make sure that the From and To for the dates match as well, You can type in the date or click the at the end of the date line.  The date popup will appear.  Today’s date is blue with a red circle around it.  If you want today, then click the circle to enter it.  To choose another date in this month, then move your cursor to that date and click on it.  To go to a previous month, click  button.  Keep clicking this button until you get to the month that you want. Today’s date, or if you highlighted another date will still be blue in that previous month.  Find the date that you want and click on it.  You can use the  to move to months in the future.

If it still does not work, email CostGuard at

9.       Click the Limits tab.  If received, Enter your Recipe Limit and the “Adjust Recipe Limit” code here.  If this doesn’t work, make sure that the ‘from’ AND the ‘to’ boxes are the same. If you purchased the Transfer component of the Multi-Unit Controller, enter the “Adjust Unit Limit” and “Transfer” codes. If you purchased the network version, then enter “Adjust Workstation Limit” code.  Again, the from and to’s must both match in the limits section.

If you did not purchase the Multi-Unit or the Network, leave these fields blank.  When finish typing in the number, the Not Authorized! will change to Authorized!  If it does not, try typing or copying the number again.  Double check that all of the digits match.  If it still does not work, email CostGuard at


10.   Click the Module Activation Tab.  You will now type in the Activation Codes next to the components that you purchased.  If you did not purchase a component, then leave the field blank.

Later, if you decide to purchase additional components, you can add the activation numbers without re-installing the program.  When finish typing in the numbers, the Not Authorized! will change to Authorized!  If it does not, try typing or copying the number again.  Double check that all of the digits match.  If it still does not work, email CostGuard at


11.   If you are activating a standalone PC, skip to the next step.  If you have a network, and you purchased the “Client/Server Database” version, click the box in front of that option. If you click this box and do not own a Client/Server license, you will receive a startup error.




12.   If you’ve permanently activated, you can change your Company Name.  For more information on how to change your name, click here

13.   To view your purchased modules and limits, click  button.  The View Installed Modules popup will appear.  Click Close to exit the popup.

Later, you can view this information at anytime by clicking Help, then View License Information.


14.   To start CostGuard, click  button.  You will return to the program and the login screen.  You now have a fully functional version of the program.

15.   Read the following options for more information on what to do next.

Networks: If you installed CostGuard to a Server and Workstations and activated your server, and you have not activated your workstations, then you need to activate the workstations. Return to the top of this section of the tutorial and activate the workstations.  Follow the same directions, but click the workstation button.  You must do this for each workstation.  Click here for more information on workstations.  When you are finished, you may return to this section of the tutorial to go to the Upgrade from an earlier version.  If you do not need to upgrade, then you can continue using the program.

Upgrades: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of CostGuard and wish to convert your data, click here.


Continue regular path

Remember, you can only change the company name after you have permanently activated CostGuard.