Only Reindex your Data when instructed by CostGuard Support or a prompt from the program.

Reindex Data

Do not run this command unless instructed by CostGuard support or from a prompt in the program.  If you do this without authorization, you risk losing the program and your data.


Save your work, and close all windows in CostGuard.


If the Reindex Utility does not appear automatically, or if you were instructed to run it, then

1.       Click Tools, click Reindex Unit. 

2.       The main program will close.  Select the Unit to reindex by clicking the  button.  Highlight it and hit enter. 

3.       You can reindex either all files or just the system files.  Follow the directions from the prompt and reindex what it indicated.

To reindex just the system files, check the box in front of System files only.  Generally, you should leave this box un-checked unless instructed otherwise.

4.       When the Reindex is finished, a pop-up menu will appear.  Click yes to resume running CostGuard, click no to exit. 

If you click yes, you will return to the main CostGuard screen.  

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