Create a folder called "CostGuard reports" and save all of your reports in that file. Make sure you include the Report Name and date as the file name so you can quickly find the right one.

Open Report

You may want to save certain reports such as a monthly status report for historical reasons.  When you are in the Report Preview screen, click the  icon to save it.  You can use Open Report to look at the report.  You cannot edit it, but you can print it again. 


You can open a saved Report as many times that you want.  For more information on Reports, click here.

1.       Click File.  Click Open Report.  The Open Report popup will appear.

2.       Highlight the name of the report.  They will all have an extension of QRP.  Click Open.

3.       The report will appear in the familiar Print Preview Window.  From there, you can click the  button to print it. 

The other commands available include

 Zoom to Fit


 100% or show how the Report will look like when it is printed


 Zoom to Width


  Go to First Page of the Report


 Go to Previous Page of the Report


 Go to Next Page of the Report


  Go to Last Page of the Report


  Printer Setup Use this icon if you want to print some, but not all of the pages


 If you are in display mode, prints the report.


  Saves the displayed report. 


 Opens a saved report.  The new report will overwrite the report on the screen.


 Closes the screen. 

Continue regular path