If your recipes use all metric measurements, simply use those measurements in the Inventory and Recipe Units.

International Users

International Users can use CostGuard with a few modifications.  Please review the following, and if you have any questions, please contact us at

1.       CostGuard uses the Language setting in your computer to set currency sign, monetary format (commas and decimal points), punctuation, and date formats.

If the proper formats for your country or region are not showing, check your computer settings.

2.       For users on a network, all users must have the same language setting.  If you have different settings for different operations, the program may not work.

3.       CostGuard has metric and sterling measurements installed.  If you are using another measurement system, click here.

4.       CostGuard will convert Inventory Items from metric to sterling and vice versa.  When in the Recipe Module, simply add the other unit in the recipe ingredient tab.

For example, if you buy wine by the 750ml bottle, have the metric unit in the Pack Size.  Then when you need cups in a recipe, simply use cup in the ingredient tab of the recipe module.

5.       For the Spell check function in the Method Tab of Recipes, click the spell  button.  When the spell check box opens, click Options.  Click the Locate Dictionaries to find your Microsoft language dictionary.

If you spelled the word correctly, you can use the Add word feature to save it in the custom dictionary. 

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