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Adding Components to CostGuard

You can add components such as Modules, Interfaces, and Controllers at any time.  Since CostGuard grows with you, installing additional features is simple.

1.       Visit our website at and purchase your new component(s).  Start CostGuard, and request permanent activation code for the component(s) you just purchased. 

For more information on requesting activation codes and activating, click here

2.       After you receive the activation code, click help, click Activation Utility.  Click the type of configuration, (standalone or Server), then click the Module Activation Tab.  Use your mouse to move to the component(s) that you just purchased.  Now, you can type in the activation code that came with your email. 

When finish typing in the number, the Not Authorized!  will change to Authorized!  If it does not, try typing or copying the number again.  Double check that all of the digits match.  If it does not work, email CostGuard at

3.       Your component(s) is active and installed.  Each component will need further setup or configuration to work with your data or other files.  For more information, click the name of the component below.





POS interface:

Accounting Interface:

Catering Interface:






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